Chamber Ordinary Meetings (open to all members)

Chamber meetings are held at 6.15pm on the third Monday of every other month (except December). Meetings are held in the upstairs lounge of the Conservative & Unionist Club, Newgate Street, Morpeth and last approximately 2 hours. There is also the opportunity to network and speak to the Chamber Committee after the meeting.

General meetings are an opportunity for members to highlight topics they would like to hear more about, raise any areas of interest, vote on actions to be taken by the Chamber, suggest actions the Chamber should take, hear from guest speakers, present information as a guest speaker, network, receive training, learn about Chamber events and recieve updates on the running of the Chamber.

Committee Meetings (open to committee members and co-opted members)

The Chamber Committee consists of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Deputy Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Deputy Treasurer, immediate past Chairman and Secretary. The committee are elected at the AGM and serve for one year, but are eligble to stand for re-election at the next AGM. Additional members may be co-opted for specific purposes during the year.

The committee meets monthly and reports to chamber members at each ordinary meeting.

Annual General Meeting, AGM (open to all members)

The Chamber's AGM is held each year in April.  The AGM includes reports from the committee from the past year and the election of committee members for the coming year. Proposed amendment to the Constitution of the Chamber, or any special resolutions, are also discussed at the AGM and emergency business may be taken, at the discretion of the Chairman.

Extraordinary General Meetings

At the written request of ten members of the Chamber whose subscription is paid to date, or at the request of the Chair, an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Chamber may be convened to discuss only the business that is the subject of the request. This can include proposed amendments to the constitution. All members of the Chamber shall be given 21 days’ notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting, together with details of the date, time and place and nature of the special business of the Meeting.