Aim: To promote Morpeth and District as a centre of business excellence. 


  • To enable the association of traders, merchants, professional people and others in business in the town and district of Morpeth to consider, promote and do all such lawful things, plans and schemes as may be calculated to further improve and secure the wellbeing of the members of the Chamber and to promote the interests of the town and district in general.
  • To advance commercial business practice and skills through education and training.
  • To create and foster a spirit of goodwill, friendship and unity amongst members of the
  • Chamber through meetings, discussions and other functions to provide opportunities for the exchange of views and networking between members promoting business in Morpeth and District.
  • To work in partnership with any other organisations to further the objectives of the Chamber.
  • To collect and circulate such information regarding trade and commerce and such other information as will assist the objects of the Chamber and to publish such documents and bulletins as may be necessary for that purpose.
  • To support fair-trading.
  • The Chamber may raise and disburse funds to further its objectives.