There are many benefits to becoming a member of the Morpeth and District Chamber of Trade, these include:-

  • Discount at Chamber events e.g. 25% Morpeth Fair Day Stall discount
  • Help local causes/Morpeth activities (see our events page for further details)
  • Training opportunities
  • Social media business promotion opportunities 
  • Networking opportunities
  • Strategic involvement in the future development of the Morpeth and District area
  • Information on local issues
  • Representation on key business initiatives
  • A voice in the continuing development of Morpeth and District
  • MDCT member to member discounts 
  • Morpeth and District B2B relationship building
  • Members area on the MDCT website
  • Opportunities to attend social events throughout the year


There are three categories of membership:

Honorary President

The Chamber may appoint an Honorary President who may or may not be an existing member of the Chamber to serve for one year. Only one Honorary President may be in post at any one time.The post has no executive authority and carries no voting rights, and serves as a figurehead for the Chamber. If an existing member is appointed as Honorary President they do retain the normal voting rights that go with ordinary or honorary membership status.

Ordinary Member

Membership of the Chamber is open to individual proprietors, partnerships, limited partnerships, limited companies, PLCs, unincorporated bodies, businessmen and women engaged or interested in any business or related activities in Morpeth and the surrounding area.

Membership of the Chamber is not transferable and belongs to the organisation and not to any individual who represents that business in the Chamber. Any member organisation that ceases to trade or is wholly taken over and loses its identity will cease to be a member. However, if an organisation is taken over or bought and continues to trade or operate in the same way as before may continue as a member.

Honorary Member

Honorary Membership may be bestowed on any individual associated with an existing or past member organisation of the Chamber. Such awards may be made at any Ordinary meeting of the Chamber on the recommendation of the Committee, and except in very special circumstances, shall require a minimum of five years’ membership of the Chamber. Honorary members have full voting rights but will not be required to pay annual subscriptions


If the Committee refuses an application for membership, the applicant has the right of appeal at an Ordinary Meeting of the Chamber.

Any member who acts or conducts themselves in a manner that discredits the Chamber will be expelled from the Chamber. Any member expelled from the Chamber has the right of appeal via a specially constituted Appeals Panel, which consists of five members of the Chamber who took no active part in the expulsion process.


 Membership Price

Membership is via subscription, either annually or monthly (via direct debit).

The 2018 subscription rate is £50 payable by cheque, cash or BACS payment. Renewal invoices are issued in January and the membership year runs January - December.


If you have any questions about Chamber membership , please get in touch.

To apply to become a member of the Chamber of Trade, please apply here.