All three applications have been called-in by the Secretary of State!
Added by Jenny Wilkinson on Mon 27th Mar 2017.

Message from the South Morpeth Coalition (SMC):-

'Great news!

All three County Hall applications have been called-in by the Secretary of State! SMC just had an email from the National Planning Casework Unit, extract below: 

“I am writing to let you know that the Secretary of State has today called-in for his own determination the planning applications as above. The Government’s policy on call in is to be very selective. It is right that in almost all cases the initial decision on whether any application should proceed should be taken by the local planning authority. In general, planning applications are only called-in if planning issues of more than local importance are involved. The Secretary of State has indicated, however, that there are occasions when it is right for him to decide the issue, normally following a public inquiry. “

We don’t know very much more about exactly what happens next, except that the Planning Inspectorate will write to us shortly about the procedure for determining the called in applications, and that they will proceed under the “bespoke” arrangements.

We will be back in touch when we know more and can tell you our plans.