Latest from Northumbrian Water on the Dark Lane roadworks..The end is in sight!
Added by Jenny Wilkinson on Sun 19th Mar 2017.

"As you may have noticed, we are making good progress with the drainage work on Dark Lane and are at the St George’s junction now. We have moved the traffic lights tight up to our working area allowing access onto Dark Lane from Thorp Avenue. On Monday next week, we will be continuing our drainage across the road into the St George’s hospital access road switching traffic onto the inbound carriageway. While we complete this last short section of drainage within St George’s access road, access from the Whorral Bank direction onto St Georges access road will be extremely difficult for larger vehicles and would therefore suggest that any vehicles larger than a car / small van approach this junction from the town centre.

"On the assumption that we do not come across any unforeseen issues in this last stretch, we expect to complete our drainage work by Saturday 25 March. We are in discussion with Northumberland County Council regarding the permanent resurfacing of the inbound carriageway.  We are hopeful that this work can follow directly on from our drainage works starting on Monday 27 March for a further 3 to 4 days. On completion of the resurfacing work we will then re-establish the pedestrian crossing outside Morrisons."

Judith Huffee

External Communications Consultant

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