NCC Planning Committee Decision - as expected...
Added by Jenny Wilkinson on Wed 8th Mar 2017.

Dear Chamber Members please see below a message from the SMC, which we feel says it all. We would like to also add our thanks to everyone too. We will keep you posted on next steps.

'Dear SMC supporters,

Firstly, thanks to everyone who made it to the meeting, and particularly to those making our voices heard, inside and outside the Council Chamber.

In the end, it was to no avail. Despite all the excellent planning points made in the meeting by Jo-Anne Garrick, Joan Tebbutt, Nic Best, Ken Stait and Andrew Malley (Dransfield Properties)- plus an intervention from the back of the room by Morrisons- and after all those superb objection submissions from everyone- most of the Councillors were unmoved.

The vote was 9 FOR the recommendation– 5 AGAINST- on all THREE applications

This was the recommendation from the School application, and the other two were similar.(although there was an Addendum report handed out to Councillors that the public have not seen, so the recommendation could have been reworded)


That the Committee is minded to APPROVE this application subject to the following conditions, subject to no new matters being raised as a result of public reconsultation within the remainder of the consultation period (expiry on 9 March 2017), and subject to referral to the National Planning Casework Unit for a determination on whether the Secretary of State wishes to call-in the application for his own determination.

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Next steps

We are consulting our lawyer on latest developments. Meanwhile, we wait to see if the Secretary of State wishes to call-in the application.

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Keep an eye out for any start on development/ demolition. It should not happen yet – but we will need to report it to stop it

David Holden

South Morpeth Coaltion'