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Business name: UW (the only multi utilities provider in the UK)
Business type: Utilities
Represented by: Jacky Calder-Rice
Telephone number(s): 07765 308787
Email address:
Address: , MORPETH, Northumberland.


UW is a successful FTSE 250 business -  a unique multi utilities discount club - the more services you take the greater the benefits, savngs and simplicity you bring into your life.  Instead of lots of bills from lots of suppliers you'll get just one!  One account and one password to remember! So whether it's all services (gas, electric, phone, broadband, home insurances and market leading mobile Sim deal) or just some of them book a review with me to see just how much you could be saving!   I'm qualified and regulated with Ofcom, Ofgem and the FCA to review and help you and people you know - and Small business -  to save money on everyday bills!.  Call me on 07765 308787 to find out more or visit my websites.  

This is a referral marketing business that helps people from all backgrounds and professions earn additional income part-time, full-time or from time to time! If you or anyone you know might be interested in this business opportunity give me a call and I'll send you my business link so you can find out more.