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Business name: Jacky Beesley HR
Business type: Financial and Professional Services
Represented by: Jacky Beesley
Telephone number(s): 07765 308787
Email address:
Address: , MORPETH, Northumberland.


JackyBeesleyHR is an independent people management support business aimed at small, businesses that may, from time to time, or on a retained basis, need to consult with qualified, experienced and professional consultants on people issues impacting their business.  Please refer to the website for more information but, in summary, we provide:

HR : Employment Essentials, i.e. the statutory minimum you must have to keep you, as employer, and your business safe

HR : Tailored Solutions, to include creation of policies, procedures and practices precisely aligned with the needs of your business

HR : Strategfic Support, i.e. interventions to help you successfully realise your business objectives such as cost reduction, growth, or increased organisational effectiveness